Why I Choose Luxury Travel & How I Manage It?

As I hit 16000 followers on my IG in a matter of a few months, I decided to write down about the most asked questions because I am so grateful for all the lovely people who supportively are a part of my sojourn around the world. Why I choose luxury travel and how do I manage to travel luxe? To be honest I cannot comment upon why any other individual would prefer luxury travel but I’ll tell you why I absolutely love to include bits of luxury during my holiday and why it’s totally worth it! 

Luxury in today’s world has an ever-expanding definition that is not limited to just material goods, hotel properties or mere show of wealth.

Luxury now wholly includes providing impeccable services, constant use of creativity and innovation along with curated experiences like no other in the travel space. It is more about an authentic vision & exclusivity.

Infinity Pool At Marina Bay Sands

As I look back, I have a distinct memory to cherish from each and every luxury experience that I have had in the past. Let me give you an example here, as we touched down Udaipur, there was an Audi car waiting right outside with a sharply dressed chauffer (when I say sharply, I mean gloves on) who welcomed us at the airport. As we sat in the car, he handed us hot towels to clean our hands and get rid of the travel tiredness, later offered to play music of our choice and some snacks right in the car. You see, the luxury experience began even before we entered the premises of the hotel. Needless to say, the ride was truly comfortable, exclusive & luxurious.

Luxury groups put much thought into how the overall experience must live up to the money & time spent by their patrons. In fact they aim to out shine your expectations to ensure maximum satisfaction & your return. Be it the gift souvenirs of a silk scarf for her & tie for him, private boating & motor boat pick up at the middle of the night, customized Indian food in Singapore, ocean facing rooms with surround sound speakers installed in the room or a personal concierge, they are all indeed luxurious moments that are worth it.

Private Boating At Lake Pichola

Apart from their magnificent architectural and in-flight spaces, luxury groups are more accommodating of your travel needs, provide a much more relaxing environment, varied activities & amenities to choose from, serve delectable cuisines and are located at better/prime locations.    

Let me state a personal experience & realization from all that free time I had during the lockdown. As I looked at my closet, at a glance I saw quantities of goods just lying around. Clothes, shoes, watches, accessories, bags shopped from anywhere & everywhere in the world. As I started to sort them out, I came across certain timeless classic pieces that had been designed/made with much precision, brilliant quality and were in a great shape as ever. I realized this is the exact philosophy that I have always carried along in my travel style, Quality over quantity.   

Luxury travel was quite exclusive before but increasingly for said reasons more & more travelers tend to include luxury in their holidays. As the global-minded youth goes out to do research on the most well rated & distinct experiences through the internet and social media, they come across the opulence of experiential luxury travel which is hard to give a miss.

I’ll just quickly wrap up with my tips & tricks on how I manage luxury travel:

  • Try to make the holiday a combination of luxury stay & budget places such that you can go out and explore off beat places and the culture of the destination as well as enjoy the luxurious abode. In Varanasi, I stayed for two days in an INR 1000/day hotel, while for the rest of the days we chose to stay in Taj Nadersar Palace. Basically, don’t limit yourself mentally & enjoy the best of both worlds.
  • Great deals are available in off seasons and also you can avoid the touristy rush. Flexibility on dates matters when you want the best deals.
  • Plan and book way in advance to get the best deals.
  • Compare deals online on various websites, with the hotel and with travel agents. Choose the best one!
  • Save, save, save! Cut down on everyday petty expenses and save a sum to splurge later on more wholesome experiences. There’s always an opportunity cost associated with choosing anything.
  • Look out for available last-minute discounted upgrades.
  • For the beginning, choose international locations where your own currency is valued higher than the destination’s currency.
  • There are many luxury groups that have their inner circles/loyalty programs that will help you get better deals.
  • Travel during weekdays, probably start off for the holiday on a Sunday.
  • Splurge at the places that matters the most. If taking short flights, simply travel economy & make up for it during your Luxe stay.
  • With changing travel times, this is now the time for boutique hotels and luxury villas that are equally great an experience at a much better price.

Having said this, what is luxury for one might just be ordinary for the other and vice versa. Always hear what your calling is and understand how you can have an enriching experience while making the most of your holiday.

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