Top 5 Hair Oils That Actually Work

Changing cities, fast paced life and constant pollution lead to hair weakening, damage and hair fall. I experimented with hair spas, eating supplements etc but nothing seemed to work marginally. Which is when my mother suggested I had completely stopped oiling my hair which lead to heat damage from styling, dry and weak hair. That is when I did some research and hopped on to Nykaa to buy these hair oils that totally worked. Before I share the names, hair oiling when done moderately is super beneficial for:

  1. Hair Growth
  2. Hair Replenishment
  3. Preventing Hair Fall
  4. Strengthening hair roots
  5. Improves blood circulation when accompanied with a gentle massage
  6. Deeply conditions and prevents frizziness

This reel on hair oils that I shared on my Instagram got so many shares and saves so here I am, documenting it on my blog while I am enjoying coffee in the sun until I wash the oil out, for all you readers who are looking for simple but effective hair solutions.

Benefits & Usage

Rosemary Oil : The internet is raving about this oil particularly because it stimulates hair growth. Buy it here.

Coconut Oil: The classic oil with so many good properties for skin, body and hair but mostly in my experience it nourishes hair with moisture and tames all that frizziness. Buy it here.

Almond Oil: This oil is magical for skin as well as hair. It helps in repairing, softening and strengthening the hair. Buy it here.

Bringadi Oil: One of the first products I tried at Kama Ayurveda and their best seller. This is a 100% natural hair oil that prevents hair loss, conditions hair, is anti-fungal and fights infections as well. Buy it here.

Castor Oil : Rich in Vitamin E, boosts hair growth, anti-fungal and great for damaged and extremely dry hair. Buy it here.


I like to mix all these oils in equal proportions except castor oil which is a very thick oil so I only add a few drops of it. You can mix any 2-3 oils together or also use them separately in each turn to see what works best for your needs, hair and scalp.


Leaving hair oils overnight in the hair has been a complete no for me. The best way to use these oils is to leave them on for a maximum of two hours and then wash off with a mild hair shampoo. Do not forget to follow the application with a gentle massage that helps with blood circulation but do not rub on the roots very harshly.

The Magical Addition

Adding Vitamin E capsules to this hair oil mixture has been truly a game changer. Our body lacks all kinds of Vitamins and minerals due to the absence of a balanced diet which affects hair as well as skin. Adding 2 capsules of Vitamin E deeply nourishes the hair, promotes hair growth and helps with split ends.

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