Tamra Shangri-La Review: Luxe Buffet Dining

A special day celebration with friends and family called for a Luxe multi-cuisine dining experience to suit all at Tamra, Delhi. This place that is the heart of all-day dining at Shangri-la serves Asian, Italian and European delicacies. We decided to opt in for the buffet spread that was beautifully curated and presented by the team.

Ambience & Service

The place has a warm inviting ambience at night with comfortable lounge chairs and tables. A big screen right outside our window was just perfect for the sports lovers who tagged along. The staff followed all safety protocols, very polite & courteous on each step. The service was fast and well coordinated even though there was a buffet spread, we were served everything made to order on tables.


Covid-19 Protocols

Post 2020, social distancing and hygiene have become an essential when eating out especially at a buffet. The cutlery at Tamra was placed in covered envelopes, mask mandates were followed, there were covered buffet counters along with staff serving food promptly on the tables contributed to us being highly satisfied by all the covid-19 protocols that were being followed.

Safety Measures

Must Try Dishes

I absolutely loved the spread and the flavours of Middle Eastern cuisine which had the perfect balance of flavours and honestly no scope for improvement; just perfect! I also recommend trying the sushi and Teppanyaki that is made live to order as per your choice of flavours. It is hard for me not to try Asian food when out and about and their well-kept kitchen/counters and live ramen with Thai curries on display is a perfect treat for Asian lovers. A special mention to the ‘Navratra Special’ food counter that they set up which included a big number of dishes to choose from. And of course, the desserts are hard to give a pass especially when they are so good looking!

Cost For Two

You will be spending approximately 5500+ taxes for two people (without alcohol) if you do not have any prior deals or the Golden Circle membership at Shangri-La. However you can book any current running deals via Dineout or Zomato before heading out.

Watch The Experience

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Would I Recommend

I highly recommend Tamra at the Shangri-La for a buffet experience in Delhi that is value for money accompanied with good service and a luxe experience.

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