Taj Rishikesh 2022: Unedited Look Inside

Rishikesh (known as the Capital Of Yoga & Meditation) is situated in the beautiful state of Uttarakhand. From adventure sports such as rafting to years old temples, ashrams, yoga centres, caves of saints and quaint cafes, there are multiple colours to this city which are enclosed by the blue-green shade of the Ganges (ganga).

Pool (Operational in March’22)


Moving away from the city bustle to this villa in the mountain, surreal. Time slows down, activity ceases, you hear your own breath in the quiet and feel more alive than ever! Taj Rishikesh Resort & Spa is located approximately 35kms from the city of Rishikesh (near the areas of Ram Jhula & Lakshman Jhula) where most tourists visit. Even though I have thoroughly enjoyed staying in the city itself before, this experiences was one of a kind and here’s a look into the experience by way of unedited photos clicked on Apple Iphone on the very first glance of the offerings, look & ambience of the resort & spa.

Room View

Why an unedited and unfiltered look inside? Luxury comes at a price and value for money is imperative thus lately I have realised, it is essential for me to give you an unfiltered and unedited look inside the luxury hotels for you to truly know what to expect when you visit this retreat with a private Ganga beach.

Bathing Space

Premium Villa With Sit Out

Spread across 38 sq mt, the room offers a stunning landscape view of the mountains and the Ganga beach at the dar end. Needless to say the large windows impart a quality of being in the lap of nature and being connected to the natural beauty around. The room also offers a sofa and lounge chairs setup which in my opinion is a bit cramped, remove the sofa and the room has perfect movability. The private sit out is ideal to have your morning & evening cuppas, watch this experience in the video shared below. The bathing space offers a standalone bathtub for that perfect relaxing holiday soak with bath bombs and epsom salt.

Outside The All-day Dining Restaurant

Dining & Amenities

The resort & spa and its activities have been designed keeping in mind all that time guests will be spending within the premises itself. Since the resort is located far away from the actual touristy/popular areas of ‘Ram Jhula & Lakshman Jhula’ (approximately 45 minutes away), there are multiple recreational activities. The place offers:

  1. Three Dining Options (All-day dining at Rock Flour, An open air pizza bar and a speciality Himalayan cuisine restaurant)
  2. Swimming Pool (Currently Operational)
  3. Jiva Spa (Will be writing a detailed post about this next, read about it here)
  4. Gym & Sauna
  5. Library
  6. Evening Ganga Aarti at the private beach
  7. Various Day Trips/ Treks From The Resort
  8. Boutique (Where you can shop for relaxed luxe fits and fashion accessories)
  9. Complimentary Yoga & Meditation classes
Dinner Under The Stars
In-house Boutique
Ganga Beach
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Summing it up!


a)Choose this property if you enjoy a retreat in the middle of nature and are looking for slow travel and to unwind away from the city bustle without much movement in the main city of Rishikesh itself.

b) Any tourist destination/spots are at least 20kms away so be prepared to travel through the day if you are looking to check some destinations off your list.

c) Carry a bathing suit and enjoy the pool with a view or even better a dip in the Ganga beach.

d) The spa services are excellent.

e) Must try Italian food with outdoor dining under the stars (which we ended up eating two nights in a row for dinner), with Live santoor playing old hindi classics in the background.

f) Go for an all-inclusive package deal. It is best suited for this property located in a remote and secluded area.

Candlelit Dinner Date

Service: 4/5

Food: 4/5

Ambience & Feel: 4/5

Would I Recommend: Although expensive, a stay at this property can be truly rejuvenating and cherished if you are looking to reconnect with nature and your own spiritual self. A morning dip in the Ganga beach is ideal for a fresh cleanse and the Taj service is excellent except for occasional dinner time rush.

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