Taj Nadesar Palace Review: Heritage Royal Stay

About, Check-in & Welcome: Located in the the spiritual capital of India and the oldest city Varanasi, Taj Nadesar Palace is a luxury palace hotel which stands for old world charm complimented by modern hospitality. Varansi holds much importance in Hinduism and pilgrims across the country. Visiting the ‘ghats’ of Varanasi on the river Ganga, the ‘Kashi Vishwanath Temple’, shopping for fabrics, beautiful sculptures are among the top south after things to do in Varanasi by the tourists.

This heritage luxury palace hotel offers a limited number of rooms & suites; however they are exceptionally beautifully decorated & maintained. This luxury stay experience can be summed up with just these words; royal palace living, personalized luxe hospitality & relaxing spa treatments. The hotel is located about 3-5 kms away from popular tourist destinations in Varanasi. Upon arrival, we were warmly welcomed by the staff with beaded necklaces and the check-in process was efficiently facilitated by the front desk. Want to see more photos from our stay? Check out the complete photo gallery.    

Stunning Interiors

Rooms & Service: A staircase with lovely carpeting of a deep red & gold color, lead to the lobby where our room was situated. The lobby was almost like a huge open private balcony all to us. The spacious Palace room is one of the most thoughtful & comfortable luxury rooms that we have stayed in. The four-poster bed gave it the touch of the old world whereas the hues of the room as they say are inspired by jasmines & marigolds, which I absolutely agree with. The bathing area was so well set architecturally & had the right luxurious yet minimal touch to it, just what I prefer. The window view of the room opened to the lush green gardens around the palace.    

Luxurious Four-Poster Beds

Dining: After spending a hectic yet satisfying day in the Varanasi City, we came back to the calm of our palace hotel and opted for in-room dining. The food was prepared exactly to order paired with some delicious wine. The service time was as promised and might I add the taste & preparation of the food was extraordinary. Delicious! The next morning again as we headed downstairs for breakfast, we were provided with complimentary breakfast breads & muffin basket along with the fresh made to order food.  

Taj Nadesar Palace Review Photos
Lush Greens Outside The Room Balcony

Overall Stay: In a city like Varanasi that is full of tourists, waking up to a peaceful, quiet morning with a light breeze, birds chirping right outside the room in our huge balcony was such a delight. The palace gardens are lush green and very well maintained, and so the view was the perfect accompaniment to the melodious sounds of nature. I personally enjoyed how secluded & less crowded the property was, apart from that how personalized the hospitality was. Royal luxury vibe was right on point at this visit of ours. If you are looking to spend all those rupees on a luxury experience which spells royalty, let it be in the tranquil Taj Nadesar Palace.

Taj Nadesar Review Photos
Evening Tea Seating Setup In The Balcony

Farewell Souvenir: There is a touch to the farewell from this place which I yet have not experienced in any of the luxury properties I have visited and hence, why it is so special. As a parting souvenir, the hotel staff gave us a light wooden box with a beautiful handwoven silk scarf and a stunning tie for my partner. Check out the lovely scarf in our photo gallery as I wore it in the car on my way back to the airport since I was happy as a child to receive this unexpected gift.  

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