Ranthambore Safari: All You Need To Know

We took our first trip (Post Covid-19) to Jaipur & Ranthambore in December’2020. The stay was at Nahargarh Ranthambore, a palace style beautiful hotel set on the outskirts of Ranthambore. You can read all about our stay here.

Evening Safari

When in Ranthambore the most sought after activity is to go on a Safari into the stunning vast jungle to spot the big beautiful cats. Located in Sawai Modhpur district of eastern Rajasthan, Ranthambore National Park is one of the biggest National Parks in North India. It is a dreamy location for wildlife enthusiasts with about 40 mammal species, 320 birds species and over 40 reptile species. We couldn’t miss going to this Safari and booked our stay on arrival with the help of the hotel staff.


There are two available slots for the Safari; morning & evening slots. The morning slot starts at 6:30am and continues till 10:00 am. The evening slot begins at 2:30pm till about 6:00pm. We booked the evening Safari since we were traveling with a group with other plans in the morning. 

Cost & Modes:

There are two available modes of transportation for Safari in the Ranthambore National Park. You can either choose between a Canter or a Jeep. The Jeep seats maximum six people and the canter seats 15 people. The Jeep is suitable for a more personalized experience if you are travelling with a group that consists up to 6 people. However, if you are not traveling in a group and not willing to pay for the entire jeep you can choose the Canter that will put you together with a group. The Safari cost us 1500 per person (For The Five Of Us) and the canter costs 1000 per person. 

Mother Tigress #shotoniphone


There are 10 Zones in the Park and you can choose either of them. All zones are knows for their own distinct specialties. We did not pre-decide our Zone and were allotted Zone 6.

This Baboon Seemed Like An Old Friend

Which is the best time and zone to Spot a tiger?

So let me put it out straight for you, the spotting of the big cats is purely based on luck. We didn’t pre decide our zone and were allotted Zone 6 in an anonymous way. While the group from our hotel that went out on the Morning safari in Zone 2 on the same day as we did, spotted the tiger as well. So we were anticipating our chances could be low but we spotted not one but four tigers. It was a family of tigers, a mother tigress and her three grown up cubs.

Recommendations & Tips:

  • Wear a cap and tie your hair. An open vehicle is very windy.
  • Carry your shades to prevent dust from entering your eyes.  
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory post covid. However, in normal times also to cover your mouth during Safari is a good idea again since the jeep is open and there will be a lot of dust all around.
  • Stay quiet in the jungle to not scare the animals away. Also the deer makes a certain sound when the tiger is around that your guide would want to hear in case you really want to spot a tiger.
  • Carry your cameras. The wildlife is gorgeous and the jungle is picturesque all around. They will be memories for life.
  • Carry your own water bottles in bags and do not keep food openly in the jeep. You saw the baboon searching through our jeep for food above.
  • Discuss facts about the jungle from your guide. We saw so many new species of animals and learnt about various wildlife facts.
  • Even if you don’t spot the big cats, being inside a jungle is a one a kind experience. So relish it completely.

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