Patrika Gate Jaipur: Sunset Visit

Patrika gate


If the world of aesthetics and ‘Instagram worthy’ shots fascinates you then this is the place that you must check off the list during your visit to the Pink City in Rajasthan. The Patrika Gate is every photographer’s dream with its perfect architectural symmetry and pastel toned interiors done with much intricacy. The hand painted walls depict the culture of Rajasthan with everyday life in the past history, some monumental events and other specialities of the state.

Location, Timings & Entrance Fee:

The Gate stands at the entrance of the Jawahar circle, very near to the Jaipur International Airport. The construction of this gate is relatively new (Year 2016) however, it is majorly inspired from the existing old city gates of Jaipur. Since there is no purpose that the Patrika Gate solves like the other old city gates, I reckon it has specially been designed for promoting tourism in the city. Designed by an Indian architect, this gate, location and its interiors do the job of attracting tourists, bloggers and photographers very well.

The Gate has no entry timings and as of now is open to tourists, locals and foreigners all day.

There is also no entrance fee that has to be paid to get into the premises and stay for photos, art observation and more.

Best Time To Visit:

The most suitable time for a visit majorly depends upon your purpose of visit. A lot of people go here for their pre-wedding shoots during sunrise and sunset to catch the perfect lighting and shot. The bloggers creating content might also want to visit the place very early in the day to avoid rush and getting great content. However, since I as a traveller aim to bring to you travel as it actually is, we visited on a time most suitable to us that was before catching the flight at the airport. You can read about how I spent a day in Jaipur while returning from Ranthambore here. Luckily for us, the timing was right after sunset where there was still some day light and it wasn’t after dark. With apple hitting it out of the park every time, our phones did the perfect job of capturing the place and its beauty! Just like your phones would too.

Since the gate is situated very near to the airport, the best way to visit would be on your arrival or while departure from Jaipur via airport just like we did.

What Not To Expect:

If you’re expecting this particular visit to be about history, to immerse in culture, a monumental site that holds heritage value, well this is not the place for you. Expect less, enjoy the walk and photos in this picturesque gateway and you will be good to go.

Don’t forget masks at all public places. Dec’2020
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