Nahargarh Ranthambore: Royal Palace Stay


Located in the middle of lush greens, stands an ivory palace that is hard to give a miss. Part of the Alsisar hotels, Nahargarh Ranthambore is a Mughal-style palace themed hotel that offers spacious rooms, great service, three outdoor pools, spa & much more! The location of the hotel has been carefully selected and is perfectly the traveler’s hub if you want to visit the Ranthambore National Park as well as enjoy the tranquil quiet of living luxuriously in the middle of nowhere. The place offers 99 rooms with various selections as per your requirements. The hotel was taking all necessary Covid precautions such as temperature checks, sanitization of hands, social distancing etc. As I describe the experience of my stay below, I suggest you follow it up by viewing the complete photo gallery of our stay here.


Our room was upgraded to the Super Deluxe category with a king sized bed, a big ‘jharoka’ style seating space, separate space for arranging the luggage, side sofa seating, vanity table, study table & a bathroom. What is particularly appreciative is the area in which the rooms have been set. The rooms have small windows that can be opened for cross ventilation, are super spacious and airy which is a bit of a struggle with hotel rooms sometimes. The décor of the rooms stays simple, old style, rather minimal yet attractive. The bathing area is again quite simple, but is spacious and heavily stocked with all basic amenities that you might require during the stay. I thoroughly enjoyed staying in this spacious & warm room.

Super Deluxe Room


The hotel package comes with included meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) and tea/coffee with cookies in the courtyard during the morning & evening. The food here is simply made with good amount of options and you can tell it has been freshly prepared. The breads are served hot on the tables once you are seated in the royal dining hall. The kitchen team was nice to provide us with ala-carte dishes that we ordered in the room. The only drawback that the pandemic situation brings upon is the buffet style dining. Even though the staff is right there to help you serve on the table, I think that there could be contactless ordering system incorporated as well for ordering food in the rooms itself.

Hathi Kund:

A special mention for this spectacular sight of the pool and surrounding area all constructed in lovely ivory shades. We witnessed a wedding setup in this area and it looked sublime. Pictures don’t do justice to the beauty of this particular architectural detail in the property. Watching the sunrise and sunset here is mesmerizing and it makes for that perfect spot to click the grandeur of Nahargarh Ranthambore.

Hathi Kund

Staff, Service & Amenities:

The staff here is very soft spoken, accommodating, courteous and warm. The service was prompt and they helped us have a wonderful time in this property. We reached a little late for the check-in timings but the staff was accommodating and held the buffet for extra half an hour for the five of us. Right from the smooth check-in to meals in the dining hall, coffee in the courtyard and in-room services, everything was perfect and we do not have any complaints there. On one particular day our friends wanted a eat an Indian delicacy which wasn’t the part of the buffet and they made it on order for us, on top of it was delicious!

Overall Stay & Recommendations:

My overall experience here was delightful. There are absolutely no complaints besides the suggestion of in-room dining during the current pandemic/covid times. Our whole group left the hotel with a smile on our faces since the Nahargarh Ranthambore is an experience in itself only with the grandeur of its architecture, mughal style gardens with the most lovely roses, rooftop views, excellent staff and the tranquil atmosphere is the cherry on the cake. I highly recommend this place if you are visiting Ranthambore as its gonna be totally worth it.

Service: 4/5

Experience & Architecture: 4/5

Rooms: 4/5

Food: 4/5

Amenities: 4/5

Would I Recommend: 5/5

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