My Top Reads : The Year 2020

What an absolute roller coaster ride the year 2020 has been, right?! So this list isn’t the compilation of the latest bestsellers out there for you to read in 2020. It is a collection of my own personal favorites that helped me indulge into self-care, explore newer dimensions and touch stillness while the world is fighting against unfortunate events and a pandemic.

Increasingly, self-care is becoming the talk of the town and for all the right reasons. Along with a healthy body, healthy mind & soul are essentials for our lives to be whole. As the pandemic spread across the world and a lockdown was set in place in the city, all the daily hustle of life came to a still. There was time and oh let me tell you, a lot of it! Along with many other self-care activities, I also took up reading again with all that free time. It is evident that reading helps the mind stay aware, sharp & receptive to knowledge all around us. Though I have always been a fan of paper back books and read quite a few of those too, but the time was just perfect to make use of the Kindle and get online access to many great books written over the years.

“Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.” – Mason Cooley

A popular proverb says “Shared joy is double joy”, so here’s a list of the books that brought me joy and were life-changing.

The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People

This book by Stephen R.Covey is my holy grail. I read it on a paperback and found something absorbing to highlight on every page. It brings out basic yet timeless natural instincts/principles that are present in individuals, described as habits. It promotes self-growth by way of practical everyday tasks that you can accomplish in order to effectively head to what you aspire to be. Of course before you read The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People , there has to be desire to become effective and truly change for the better. After all, the willingness to learn is first a choice and then a process.

Freedom From The Known

I am fortunate to have come across the exceptional words and thoughts of the eminent Indian philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti. If you haven’t read his work before, you can begin with The First and Last Freedom. This book ‘Freedom From The Known’ came into my hands at the most perfect timing in life. J Krishnamurti talks about immediate freedom and change withing ourselves to then furthermore changing our relationships outside. He lays much emphasis on not following disciplines or grasping words (even his own) you read as it is but to indulge into self-understanding. In life I believe a human’s search is beyond just material riches, If you feel the same way, this is a must read.

Be As You Are – The Teachings Of Sri Ramana Maharshi

Another prominent force of positive energy and change in my life came through the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi. “Who am I” is the path he suggests along with continued practice of self-inquiry. What we are seeking outside is actually who we are, the natural state of a man. Be as you are is a collection of conversations between Sri Maharshi & many seekers. So many of your questions as a spiritual seeker get answered through these dialogue and the best part is they all get answered within you own self. Words are not enough to describe the spiritual knowledge that Sri Maharshi has to give to the world.

Man’s Search For Meaning

Set in time of world war II Victor E. Frankl describes his experiences straight from a Nazi concentration camp. As a psychologist he describes in detail the role of Man’s search for meaning to get through the highs and lows of life. It begins with a deeply touching account of the prisoners at the camps and in contrast is the distressing cruel state of mind that a human being is capable to be in. He then goes on to talk about the role of hope and describes his own experience of how the thought of someone special to him had a total transforming impact on him. Again a book that will leave a lasting impact on you.

Autobiography Of A Yogi

An account of the life of Paramahansa Yogananda Ji in his own words. The quest for spiritual growth was high in him even as a young child and so he sets out on the journey to look for his ‘Guru’ as he meets India’s greatest sages & spiritual saints. He finally meets his ‘Guru’ Swami Sri Yukteshwar Giri Ji. Yogananda Ji established the Yogada Satsang Society in India to give out teachings in ‘Kriya’ Yoga Meditation. Some of the most renowned faces and greatest achievers have read and pursued this book. To know why, you only have to read Autobiography Of A Yogi at the right time in life with the intention of self-realization.

Think & Grow Rich

Another bestseller classic for personal growth & development by Napoleon Hill. Honestly, I don’t know if everyone who reads this book is definitely going to be rich or whatever the definition of rich is for them, But Think And Grow Rich does motivate and inspire you with concise learning as collected by Napoleon Hill from successful people all around the world.

I hope this shared joy is as fruitful to you as it was for me. For life goes on, and we better make the most of it in the now. Follow us on Instagram @indianluxetravel for real time updates on the best of luxury, lifestyle & travel from around the world. Follow me on @theworldsojourn for the latest on my recent sojourns.

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