Jiva Spa: ‘Sangam’ Couple Spa Treatment

Conscious efforts towards taking care of your physical and mental health are imperative for a quality life in today’s fast paced world. Spa treatments are one of the highly sort after ways for self-care and continue to provide multiple benefits such as:

  1. De-stressing, Relaxing & Rejuvenating The Mind & Body
  2. Reduces Water Retention In The Body
  3. Prevents Signs Of Ageing
  4. Healthier Skin
  5. Improves Quality Of Sleep
  6. Relief From Pain
  7. Bonding (Couple’s Spa Therapy)

On our recent visit to Taj Rishikesh Resort & Spa in the month of March we decided to dedicate an entire evening for a couple’s session at the Jiva Spa located in the resort premises.

Spa Treatment

Sangam‘ a 90-minute spa session included a 60-minute couple’s full body massage 30 minute plunge pool along with fresh juice refreshments. We were welcomed by the front desk staff in a very pleasant manner and all details were explained after which we were asked to fill in a form with details about health history, preferences and areas that you would want more attention on etc. The treatment begins by a gentle washing of your feet followed by a pat dry. Divine smelling essential oils are used for the treatment and you can guide your masseuse for the correct pressure which they confirmed with us at multiple times.

This massage session was followed by a mesmerising dip in a hot water plunge pool decorated with rose petals accompanied with a warm ambience courtesy of the super relaxing and romantic candles. To go with this were freshly made juices (not the dull canned juice!).

Cost For Two

The above mentioned treatment for a couple will cost you INR 11500 (approximately; exclusive of taxes) which you can pay either before the treatment or at the time of check-out as well. You can avail special discount vouchers/deals for spa on the booking via MakeMyTrip.

Watch The Experience

Shared a small snippet of the experience on my Instagram @aartirattansharma , follow the link below to view the same.

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Summing it up!

Recommendations: If it is your first visit to the spa:

a) Set aside the evening time for a spa session after your day activities so you can end the day with that relaxed state.

b) Book the spa in advance or as soon as you arrive as sessions might be booked.

c) The spa also offers beauty services such as body scrubs, facials etc

d) A 60 minute session is ideal but I recommend upgrading to a 90-minute session with a plunge pool dip (with ambient candles & fragrant flowers) for that prolonged relaxing and healing treatment.

Treatment: 4/5

Ambience & Feel: 5/5

Would I Recommend: Although expensive, a spa treatment after almost a year was much called for and delivered all the above mentioned benefits. I do recommend giving a single treatment a try.

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