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dolce gabbana the one


Founded in the year 1985, Dolce & Gabbana is a renowned fashion company from Italy. Dolce & Gabbana Beauty has an extensive range of the finest makeup products and perfumes that you can view here. The One was presented in the year 2006 as a signature scent for both men and women. Later in 2017, a newer shape was given to the classic scent by the fashion house and multiple variants were launched under The One.

The one is referred to as the modern ‘floriental’ perfume by Stefano Gabbana since it comes into existence with a delightful combination of fruity tones with the classic base of rich vanilla and a hint of musky notes. “Ever Woman Is The One” is the conceptual idea behind the make of the fragrance. The One range also offers shower gels, Deodorant Spray and Body Lotion. The bottle of rose the one has a classic cuboid shape and tint of rose on the cover and inside the actual bottle.


If you are a perfume hoarder and enthusiast, you know that a perfume comes into being by bringing together the top notes, base notes & heart/middle notes. The delightful floral notes of Lilly of the valley, Madonna Lilly and Rose absolutely so subtle and make for the perfect everyday fragrance that is comfortable to wear. The bright fruity tones of Mandarin, Black Currant & Pink Grapefruit give it the edge for it to be the one. There are also hints of the classic amber, vanilla and musk that provide for a powdery base.

All these notes come together for the fragrance to be not very overwhelming which rose the one very work-friendly as well. Needless to say, it’s an airy sensual summer fragrance. If you are not a fan of rosy fragrances, I’d recommend The One Eau De Toilette or The Only One which in my opinion, are way better in their notes and depth of composition!


The lasting capacity of rose the one in an Indian setup with most being summer months, is not all that great and hence why the longevity could be a problem for you. You can touch up a spritz or two towards to evening for more depth. But once this fragrance sets on the skin, it has a subtle exquisite charm about it that you cannot miss. If you are looking for a fragrance that has more character and longevity, read about them here.

Also a quick reminder on the usage of the perfume if you want to smell better and for it to last longer. Directly spritz the perfume on your skin and pulse points such as the inner wrists, behind the ear lobes, base of the neck and inner elbows so that the body heat reacts to it and emits a subtly fragrance throughout the day. If you tend to have a dry skin type, put on a fragrance free lotion on your arms and your perfume will last much better on moisturized skin or for people with an oily skin type.

Though it used to be difficult to get your hands on Luxe fragrances earlier but now with the world so seamlessly connected through the online network and shipping available all over the world, getting luxury products is now only a click away. I got mine as a present and was bought in Paris a few years back. Dolce & Gabbana perfumes range from INR 4000 upto INR 9000 depending on the available sizes of 30ml, 50ml & 100ml variants.

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