Bar Palladio Jaipur: Worth The Hype?

If you’ve been reading the internet about places to visit in Jaipur, the name Bar Palladio will pop, even in the recommendations of the locals. On our way back from Ranthambore, we took a flight back to Delhi from Jaipur and had an entire day to spend in the city. Considering how many people recommended visiting this place, we made a quick stop here for lunch.


Located in the premises of Narain Niwas Palace Hotel , Bar Palladio is a lounge/restaurant that serves Italian cuisine and is designed by a Dutch designer. The striking use of blue, white & yellow lights set amidst the green gardens with occasional visits of beautiful peacocks, is sure to mesmerise your sight in the first look. The place is picturesque from every angle as though you were looking at an unending oasis of blue. The aesthetics of this place are particularly on point and might I add, super ‘Insta-worthy.’

Food, Cocktails & Service:

The food menu is best suited for non vegetarians however vegetarians can find some pretty nice options in there too. They will also customise a few dishes for you if you ask. The food didn’t blow me away but it was a well cooked, pleasant tasting meal. I recommend the margherita pizza, spinach ricotta ravioli, pasta in alfredo and classic bruschetta. The cocktail menu is extensive, interesting and inclusive of different tastes and preferences. The service really stood out for me here since outside dining at even the most reputed places can be troublesome trying to look for assistance. But the staff here was very prompt and a designated server for the table made sure we had everything we required for a good meal.

Location & Best Time To Visit :

The place is very easy to locate in Jaipur since it is situated in an iconic property. Since we visited in the afternoon of December’2020, post temperature check we were seated outdoors on request by the staff. The place is best suited for a romantic night out post sunset when the place lights up along with small candles lit on your tables. It is otherwise perfect for a light, breezy yet royal brunch or lunch date with your group of friends.

Outdoor Seating:

The month of December in Jaipur is especially pleasant and having lunch outside in the garden is a treat itself. The mounted canopies on top of the seating adds the royal touch of dining at the Bar Palladio. The tables are spacious and the seating is designed keeping the comfort factor in mind. They’ve also placed small bonfires around to keep the evenings warm.

Cost For Five:

The cost for a group of five (including a couple of alcoholic drinks) was approximately 1500 per head.

Imho, this place is lovely and is surely worth the visit for a lovely night/day out in the city of Jaipur (especially if you are done exploring the local markets and touristy spots and are looking for a modern fresh breather).

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