7 Must Dos To Make The Most Of Your Next Holiday

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By now you have probably scrolled through the below mentioned headings. Yes, this post isn’t only about tangible things that you can shop for/take along to make your holiday better. As a travel blogger, you can only look back and talk about your past holidays so much. Talking about travel currently in these testing times just seems implausible. As I introspect making the most of this given time pondering over the best tips I can give to my readers for their future travels, repeatedly my mind suggests what I am going to pen down for you today.

Aren’t we all aware that life after Covid-19 is not going to be the same? Having faced a pandemic in the year 2020 with multiple lockdowns all over the world, economies coming to a standstill, jobs lost, lives lost, various sectors of the industries hit hard, healthcare and essential workers tirelessly giving it their all, major lifestyle changes for the ones who live in their native cities, others just desperately trying to get back home to their families. Only one thing comes to light which we can straightforwardly regard as a fact, ‘The Truth Of Life’. The beauty along with fragility, uncertainty and all the colors in the palette- C’est la vie (that’s life). As this comes to light, more people are increasingly becoming aware of mental health, spiritual health and making the most of the present. The past is like a dream and the future if forever unseen thus, the present is all we have and it all boils to being happy in the moment & making the most of now.

1) Flexibility & Open Mind:

Just like anything else, to make the most of something try to be flexible and have an open mind. Let us first understand that travelling isn’t just an activity but a state of mind. Along with your body, let your heart, soul & mind travel to newer dimensions too. Go the extra mile by making small efforts such as waking up before sunrise to catch that stunning view and breathe in all that morning freshness. Or to take that exhausting trek to reach to the top of the mountain for that unparalleled scenery. As you push your own boundaries you will find that newer things are observed and appreciated only out of your comfort zones.

Many of us pre-book everything in advance which could make for a really tight and rushed schedule. Plans change according to days and your state of mind, so be ok with it. Try not to book each day and time of your travel in advance or else you will be hastily hopping from place to place. Traveling slow has its benefits beyond measure, you get to really soak in the place.

No holiday or travel is immune to unfortunate events such as theft, missing flights, losing your belongings, not finding what you expected among various other things that could go wrong. Try no to lose your temper and stay relaxed. With the sources you have available, try and fix the situation as much as humanely possible.    

To conclude this, I would recommend that you avoid judging people. There are all kinds of people in the world and as many styles of travel. Let us not judge people for being luxury or budget or solo or slow or touristy travelers. Post 2020, your absolute focus should be on your own self since there is no universally perfect way to make the most of travel. You know what suits you best so be in touch with that. To each, their own!

2) Will To Learn:

In Steve Jobs’ words, “Learn continually- there’s always one more thing to learn.” How valuable would be a learning coming from miles away from where you usually live. When you acquire a skill or learn something while traveling, you bring a piece of that place back with you. Be open to taking an art class, cooking lessons or get friendly with the water with surfing & diving lessons.

 If you do not want to dedicate much time to these activities, that’s ok too! Maybe simply try learning a few basic words of a foreign language. Remember, traveling within your budget is a must but sometimes take the other alternative even if it involves splurging on those one-time unconventional experiences. They will make for the memories that you will remember and cherish most distinctively.

If you are a blogger, experiment with your content layouts and photography styles. Your audience will most definitely grow if you acquire new skills and refresh your content creation skills every now and then.

3) Do Your Homework:

Homework may sound like a really boring word but trust me doing this before your travel will only make things better for you! Read about the top things to do or places to visit before hand so you know how to plan your day once you have reached your destination. A lot of travel bloggers put in hard work to put out this information for you. Search the web or simply hop to Pinterest and get just the information you need. The timings of commute and modes of transportation should be readily available to you or you end up wasting a lot of time.

To never run out of money, keep a track of your estimate spending and the digital as well as hard currency required for the course of your stay, needless to say always carry some extra amount with you. A weather check for the days you will be visiting is also important to carry essentials and not be grossly unprepared for the rains or snowstorm or the scorching sun.

Read reviews of your hotel, a few cafes and restaurants before hand so you know the exact places to try. This way you won’t be starving and also won’t miss out on the specialties of the place you are visiting. It is also going to help you avoid unnecessary health troubles.

If you are a content creator/travel blogger it is imperative that you take one step ahead and find unique spots to visit, picturesque places, timings of visit such that the places are least crowded and also find the picture-perfect spots. Take inspiration of previous content created by other bloggers and plan your content. Creativity that sprouts at the spot is special but sometime to achieve the desired results, planning is a must.

4) Choose Your Company Wisely

Who you travel with is going to set the mood of your entire holiday to a big extent! It is significant that people traveling together either have similar traveling styles or are extremely flexible in their attitude. Travelling slow and deep, touristy travel, budget or luxury, there are so many ways of planning your holiday. Make sure the one you’re traveling with has common itineraries with you.

If you are traveling with your partner, it could be immensely fruitful for your relationship. Both of you will be exploring new places, cultures, food, people and more things together which will enrich your own individual selves further helping for personal growth and consequently growth in your relationship. Having said that, it is important that you understand as well as incorporate your partner’s wants and ideas of a holiday also and give enough space to each other so that you can again regroup to have boundless joy together. Balance and understanding are the keys to make the most of your relationship.   

Or you simply could be traveling solo because what better company than your own self! It is not really my forte hence why I will not be talking about this in detail but there are some great Indian solo bloggers out there whose experiences would be of great value if you are traveling all by yourself.   

5) Be Responsible:

Traveling responsibly will give you a greater sense of self worth and make you feel accomplished as a decent citizen. Let’s never forget we are guests to a place and must act accordingly. Here are certain basic things you can do to be a responsible traveler:

  • Do not litter the place. Let the beauty around stay untouched and in a better place when you leave it.
  • Avoid single use plastic no matter where you are in the world. For instance, you can carry your own filter reusable bottles that will help avoid much consumption of plastic bottles.
  • Interact to the locals but don’t forget to be polite & understanding of their culture.
  • Talking about culture, some places have cultures that prefer dressing in a certain way, It would only be polite to understand and respect their culture.
  • Do some research on the laws of the place you’re visiting.
  • Purchase from the locals and try local delicacies of the area.
  • Refrain from getting any close to the wildlife to avoid any harm to them.
  • Most of all, be aware & be safe. Be responsible for your own belongings & yourself. Do not put yourself in vulnerable situations due to unawareness that might turn unfortunate. Your safety is in your hands too.

6) Make The Most Of All That Free Time:

You travelled to the airport, boarded your flight and now you’re seated with hours of journey ahead of you. What to do? There are going to be so many such free intervals of time that you will get during the course of your holiday. Often people are unable to make the most of this time because they forget to carry things along. Carry a book for your read, a playlist of your favorite songs, pre-streamed episodes of what you’re currently binge watching on Netflix, carry your diary if you love to write or just simply meditate. Basically, rejoice in doing small things that you otherwise would have loved doing but can’t make time for in your everyday life.  

7) Travel Safe:

Saved the most important for the last. As the lockdown restrictions ease around the world, travel and safety will walk hand in hand post the 2020 pandemic. It is essential that you carry the basics such as a (mask, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, disinfectant spray, tissues, your own water bottles or mug).  Be mindfully aware and make minimum contact with surfaces such as escalator and door handles, maintain a six-feet distance from people as much as possible since Covid-19 spreads the fastest due to people contact. Refrain from using the public utilities and sanitize your hands frequently after touching public surfaces. Disinfect your gadget such as mobile, camera that you will be using rather often. If you get the chance, the best practice would be to wash your hands with a soap. Also, the best thing to do would be to get a basic health check up (some places require a corona negative report as well) before travelling and simply do not travel if you are sick. Read the checklist of during/post Covid-19 travel here.     

 Lastly, if you’ve reached to the end of this, I know that you are willing & ready to certainly make the most of your next holiday. I would suggest to refrain from travel during these Pandemic days especially if you have any symptoms or are feeling sick. Nonetheless, if you have ticked all the boxes of the Checklist of travel during Covid-19, or if you are reading this when Covid-19 is no more a threat, have an amazing holiday. You deserve it!

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