5 Must Try Practices For Mindful Start To The Day

Being in a world battling with a pandemic hasn’t quite been anything that we were prepared for. As we manage an array of emotions including anxiety, fear, hopelessness or monotony, starting the day right can be just the perfect start that you need. “Mindfulness” or being aware/conscious of something is so achievable and needed in today’s world where most of our actions are swayed away by the overload of external information available to us rather than carving individual ways out as per one’s own liking. Actions that you are aware of and are thought about will always bring about the best for you. Here are 5 Must Try things that I started doing in the morning and the days have been brighter ever since.

5) Hydrate & Over Night Soaked Dry Fruits

Before you actually go grab that cup of caffeine, give your body the chance to be hydrated well. You can have just water or add a tsp of honey & squeeze in a lemon for detoxification of the body. Alongside enjoy eating overnight soaked nuts that have multiple health benefits and are packed with nutrients.

4) Stimulate The Senses

Creating a calming atmosphere around you will help get rid of any uneasy feelings due to an unfulfilled sleep. I look forward to playing some ambient instrumental music and lighting a 100% natural incense stick in the room. Both of these create a soothing experience for the senses.

3) Yoga, Pranayam & Meditation

They say the greatest gift of India to the world is Yoga and that undoubtedly continues to be the truth. I will be putting the benefits of these in a separate post because believe me they are endless. You have to try these to know how life changing including all three in your routine can be. If not Yoga, you can alternatively do any physical workout that you might like.

2) Seasonal Fruits

Any kind of workout/physical activity in the morning followed by a bowl full of seasonal fruits is truly refreshing. The body gets loaded with vitamins, minerals and fibre. Seasonal produce is not only cheaper but also way fresher, easily available and packed with flavour.

1) Silence

Silence is so underrated at times but is highly potent for a peaceful start to the day. I prefer not rushing into conversations as soon as I get up in the morning and rather enjoy the silence that made me pay attention to the therapeutic sounds of the gentle breeze or simply birds chirping, soaking in the goodness of nature at 7:00 am.

Having put out all these, the one thing necessary to avoid rush and trying to accomplish too much in a little time is to wake up a little earlier than usual. Only then do we practically have the time to ourselves and truly practice mindfulness.

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