13 Travel Beauty Essentials That You’ll NEED To Pack

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There are two kinds of people in the world: Ones who love to organize things and pack skillfully whereas on the other hand are the ones who forget. Duh! And that’s ok because this list has got you covered! Your travel is going to rejuvenate your mind & soul with remarkable experiences but you got to be entirely ready for the toll it’s going to take on your skin, hair and body. Cross these items off your checklist and be well prepared for that next holiday!

1) Sunscreen

First things first!Holiday means you’re out and about all day, needless to say a carrying sunscreen during your travel is a must. It has multiple benefits such as protection from the UV Rays, prevents premature aging of skin and sunburns, keeps your skin even, provides protection from skin cancer. Carry with you regular sunscreen & waterproof sunscreen (even though they are designed to last for 40 to 80 minutes while in water, you can reapply them at any point). I highly recommend the Innisfree sunscreens that I have used for over two years now and they perfectly sit on my skin, do the job really well and do not cause breakouts or clogging of pores. The most important thing is for a sunscreen to not be greasy and settle well especially under makeup, and it totally checks that box.

2) Cleanser/ Face Wash

The most basic practices often contribute the most to your skincare routine. When asked about my skincare routine, I cannot stress enough on the importance of cleansing your face twice in a day at least followed by the basic toning & moisturizing. The CTM (Cleansing Toning Moisturizing) will ensure the basics of your skincare are done right. Experiment with various brands and find a cleanser that fits your skin type. My go to cleanser has been the Innisfree Green Tea Foam Cleanser. Once I started using this, there was no going back because this cleanser cleans really deep and gets off the unnecessary dust and oils from your skin.

3) Serums & Moisturizer

Skin needs extra nourishment just like you mind does when you travel, hence moisturize. The long flights, road trips and local commute will dehydrate the skin making it look dull. Clinique Moisturizing Lotion with Active Cartridge is hands down my go-to product and on an everyday basis it does its job throughout the day. You can choose your base for this moisturizer and also choose your active cartridge (for irritation, pores, uneven skin tone, fatigue or lines and wrinkles). This product is a two in one for me so I do not carry a serum when I carry this moisturizer, one less product to carry and bring back home, who wouldn’t love that.  

Sheet Masks

4) Sheet Masks

Long days out with skin exposed to the pollution, sunlight and covered in makeup, your skin needs a breather and hence why you need to pack those sheet masks! Since sheet masks do not exfoliate your skin, it is a must to cleanse your face before putting a sheet mask to get maximum benefits and the best result out of it. Next step is to dap a toner all over your face, put on the mask, sit back and relax for 15-25 minutes. Do not leave on sheet masks for longer than that because once the sheet dries, it won’t be effective. Sheet masks suit almost all skin types with multiple benefits such as hydrating, firming, plumping your face and gives an overall healthy nourished glow to the skin. These Hyaluronic Acid sheet masks are my current go-to and I truly haven’t used a better sheet mask.   

5) Wipes

On the entire course of your holiday, you’ll find yourself using these many times only if you do pack them! Disinfectant/anti-bacterial wipes are going to come handy for road trips while you are away in remote areas or coming in contact with lots of public areas. If you are traveling to cities, don’t forget to pack them makeup remover wipes to end your day since they are so easy and speedy to use. However, I do recommend that you deep cleanse also after using makeup remover wipes as there is much debate around whether it completely gets the pores cleaned.

6) Make Up Essentials

Makeup as an essential might be arguable but if you do not wear makeup, we understand so simply skip this point forward. Hello there, makeup lovers! So, you might be into a full-face routine or just the basics, there are some makeup products that will always come handy during your travel and you do not want to forget these: Concealer, Setting powder, Blush, Bronzer, Highlighter, Lipstick (Literally two lipsticks: an everyday nude & red lipstick should work), Mascara, Facial Mist and Tinted Moisturizer. I personally almost never carry a foundation because it’s just not easy on the skin and on top of that all of the travel weariness. Keep it light to make use of all that extra time and make the most of your travel.

Travel Beauty Essentials

7) Dry Shampoo

When used in moderation, dry shampoo can be one of the most useful products while travelling. Excessive washing of your hair can make them dry and also exposes them to repeated heat treatments such as use of hair dryers, straighteners etc. To give your hair a fresh look, great volume and save time, must pack this one. For the ones with colored hair, this will keep the shine and increase the longevity of your color. Your hair smells good too!

8) Eye & Night Cream

A good night’s sleep is basically a recovery mode for your skin that ensures your skin repairs itself by making collages and reducing the levels of stress in the body. All that damage done to the skin during the day can be restored with a little extra help from an eye cream and night cream. I absolutely swear by the Kama Ayurveda night cream that gets absorbed in seconds and helps you wake up with a fresh, plump and firm face. They claim for the product to be 97.5% natural which brightens the skin by getting rid of the uneven skin tone and minimizes signs of ageing. Read about other Kama Ayurveda products that actually work here.

9) Facial Razor

A few months back Youtube exploded with facial shaving videos and this stirred up a major debate around using a razor for your entire face. Some people were happy to get rid of the peach fuzz or dark facial hair so easily, without spending the big bucks. While others thought of this as a rather risky activity thinking it’ll result in hair coming out thicker, quicker and concerns regarding the darkening of facial skin. I recommend carrying facial razors because these come in super handy when you want to get rid of extra eyebrow hair or upper lip mustache which you might not have the time to get done. I’ve used this facial razor for my travel quite sometime now and it has had no side effects. However, I will not advise you to go get one of these straightaway and start using them. Please consult your dermatologist before doing so or do a patch test before you actually go out to use it fully.

10) Hand Cream

Our hands our almost always exposed to the sun damage and pollution due to which they need special care, just like your face. Once your hands start to dry out, things only go downhill. So simply carry a travel sized hand cream which will hardly take up space in your hand bag but will leave your hands supple, soft and well repaired for the rest of the journey.

11) Lip Balm

Just like your face and hands, lips need their hydration back a few times in a day. For the most comfortable and natural look, wear a lip balm on top of a lip tint. It instantly makes you feel put together and also is so easy to touch up throughout the day. Especially for longer journeys and colder regions, you do not want to deal with chapped lips that crack, dry and eventually will bleed if not taken good care of.   

12) Hair Oil

So many of us forget to carry our own hair oils for longer trips because of which we let the hair run out of that extra nourishment. It’s best to carry your own hair oil instead of using something that your hair won’t like or asking someone to share theirs. Especially people with dry hair, should use a hair oil before washing their hair to ensure the hair are well lubricated which will in turn help reduce hair breakage and hairfall. I carry the Kama Ayurveda Head Massage Oil – Bhringadi in travel sized bottle for my own sojourns.

13) Straightening Rod/Curling Tool

Who doesn’t love a good hair day? Be ready for those times when you decide to glam up on your holiday by carrying your straightening rod or a curling tool. You can also check out those 2-in-1 tool that can be used for straightening as well as curling. If you aren’t willing to carry two gadgets since they take up much space, watch this video on curling your hair with a straightening rod which is super easy and convenient too.

I hope you enjoy packing with this quick checklist and have a great holiday. However if you are traveling post March 2020, here’s a list of essentials you’ll need while traveling during/post Covid-19.

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